Joy became trendy and famous from their delicious strawberries which is dipped into all kinds of chocolate: brown, dark and white. I bet that most Kuwaitis know this place from their strawberries.

Joy is a place for me only to order from them the perfect Arabic coffee and their delicious strawberries.

After joy did their strawberries many cafes and restaurant did the same idea but I personally believe that the ones they make are extremely different and no one can have competition with Joy.

I went to joy when they first opened with my dad but I didn’t tried out their strawberries, I ordered some brownies with Arabic coffee. I did not like the brownies they were soo hard but the Arabic coffee my dad and I loved it, it had a different taste. After I saw many people going there just to order their strawberries so I went and I tried it. I was really good so I keep going there just for their strawberry because I guarantee that no one can do the way they do it, it is all about the big, colorful fresh strawberries and they chocolate they dip it in. I absolutely recommend all people to go try their strawberries and their Arabic coffee. You will never regret it!


The grove

One night I was deciding with my brother to have a dinner so I choose the grove since I saw many people talking about this restaurant. The most thing that I loved about this place is the theme and the atmosphere even the staff were way too friendly. It is soo quite without music you can only listen to the birds whistling. Our order was as the following pizza, pasta, mango shrimp and fried chili shrimp. The desserts were kinder lava cake and kinder and only.

The pizza was very good and not too thick like other pizzas, the pasta was delicious but you can find other restaurants better than their pasta. The mango shrimp was the best main course that we have ordered and it is the most selling main course. The fried chili shrimp was okay, I didn’t liked it but my brother did. Every now and then they change their menu.

The dessert part was the best! I loved the desserts.

The kinder lava was really delicious if you are on a diet and it’s your free day go try any of their desserts you won’t regret. The kinder and only you know when you try something for your first time this was my feeling its one of the best dessert that I had in my life.

Their location is: Qebla, Mubarak AlKabeer St

Timing is from 7am to 11;30pm

This is the place from outside




Volume one is one of the most trendy café in Kuwait, it’s always full of people. 

I heard about them when it was a home business, but now they’ve opened a small beautiful place. The place is very well designed and low music, some candles around. I really loved the atmosphere.

The location: Mariam tower, Kuwait city near Al Makan

Working hours are 7am until 9pm, except Friday its from 12pm until 9pm

If you are a coffee lover or you need to try coffee then this place is the right place.

I wasn’t really the type of person that drinks coffee every morning but lately I can’t focus until I have some caffeine. I usually drink from starbucks but after trying Iced cereal latte and the iced Americano I would never drink from any other place. They also have cookies the “peanut butter cookie” very very soft it is just so delicious that you can’t get over it. I really recommend all people to visit this place for a break or to drink some tasteful coffee , I am quite sure that all people love this because it’s one of those places that is rare here in Kuwait.

This is the most delicious cereal Latte:


Meli Melo

Meli-Melo is the most delicious Japanese restaurant in Kuwait.

I went to visit this restaurant with my friends before Ramadan and I have heard a lot about this Japanese restaurant.The place is small but cozy and comfortable, it is located in shaab next to Villa Fayrouz. The staff welcomed us in a very beautiful and polite way, the smile was on their faces the whole time. Everything was neat, tidy and clean even the food was set up in a perfect way.


This is a picture of my order it was in the most selling category, it is called Kuwaiti Maki.

It was one of my favorites sushi that I ate and it will fill your stomach, the sauce was very tasty and it was the best part. It comes ten pieces, it contains: shrimp, avocado and caviar.

The price is 6KD.

My friends tried it and we all loved it!


The other thing was Melange Salad

It tasted really good it’s a mix of lettuce, cucumber, carrot and avocado. The sauce was quite good but not perfect.

The price is 2KD.

Comparing the prices with other Japanese restaurants is not expensive and I guarantee that its worth more.I recommend this restaurant, it’s a must!