Joy became trendy and famous from their delicious strawberries which is dipped into all kinds of chocolate: brown, dark and white. I bet that most Kuwaitis know this place from their strawberries.

Joy is a place for me only to order from them the perfect Arabic coffee and their delicious strawberries.

After joy did their strawberries many cafes and restaurant did the same idea but I personally believe that the ones they make are extremely different and no one can have competition with Joy.

I went to joy when they first opened with my dad but I didn’t tried out their strawberries, I ordered some brownies with Arabic coffee. I did not like the brownies they were soo hard but the Arabic coffee my dad and I loved it, it had a different taste. After I saw many people going there just to order their strawberries so I went and I tried it. I was really good so I keep going there just for their strawberry because I guarantee that no one can do the way they do it, it is all about the big, colorful fresh strawberries and they chocolate they dip it in. I absolutely recommend all people to go try their strawberries and their Arabic coffee. You will never regret it!


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