Volume one is one of the most trendy café in Kuwait, it’s always full of people. 

I heard about them when it was a home business, but now they’ve opened a small beautiful place. The place is very well designed and low music, some candles around. I really loved the atmosphere.

The location: Mariam tower, Kuwait city near Al Makan

Working hours are 7am until 9pm, except Friday its from 12pm until 9pm

If you are a coffee lover or you need to try coffee then this place is the right place.

I wasn’t really the type of person that drinks coffee every morning but lately I can’t focus until I have some caffeine. I usually drink from starbucks but after trying Iced cereal latte and the iced Americano I would never drink from any other place. They also have cookies the “peanut butter cookie” very very soft it is just so delicious that you can’t get over it. I really recommend all people to visit this place for a break or to drink some tasteful coffee , I am quite sure that all people love this because it’s one of those places that is rare here in Kuwait.

This is the most delicious cereal Latte:




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