The grove

One night I was deciding with my brother to have a dinner so I choose the grove since I saw many people talking about this restaurant. The most thing that I loved about this place is the theme and the atmosphere even the staff were way too friendly. It is soo quite without music you can only listen to the birds whistling. Our order was as the following pizza, pasta, mango shrimp and fried chili shrimp. The desserts were kinder lava cake and kinder and only.

The pizza was very good and not too thick like other pizzas, the pasta was delicious but you can find other restaurants better than their pasta. The mango shrimp was the best main course that we have ordered and it is the most selling main course. The fried chili shrimp was okay, I didn’t liked it but my brother did. Every now and then they change their menu.

The dessert part was the best! I loved the desserts.

The kinder lava was really delicious if you are on a diet and it’s your free day go try any of their desserts you won’t regret. The kinder and only you know when you try something for your first time this was my feeling its one of the best dessert that I had in my life.

Their location is: Qebla, Mubarak AlKabeer St

Timing is from 7am to 11;30pm

This is the place from outside



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