Meli Melo

Meli-Melo is the most delicious Japanese restaurant in Kuwait.

I went to visit this restaurant with my friends before Ramadan and I have heard a lot about this Japanese restaurant.The place is small but cozy and comfortable, it is located in shaab next to Villa Fayrouz. The staff welcomed us in a very beautiful and polite way, the smile was on their faces the whole time. Everything was neat, tidy and clean even the food was set up in a perfect way.


This is a picture of my order it was in the most selling category, it is called Kuwaiti Maki.

It was one of my favorites sushi that I ate and it will fill your stomach, the sauce was very tasty and it was the best part. It comes ten pieces, it contains: shrimp, avocado and caviar.

The price is 6KD.

My friends tried it and we all loved it!


The other thing was Melange Salad

It tasted really good it’s a mix of lettuce, cucumber, carrot and avocado. The sauce was quite good but not perfect.

The price is 2KD.

Comparing the prices with other Japanese restaurants is not expensive and I guarantee that its worth more.I recommend this restaurant, it’s a must!

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